Business Ethos

Our approach to business is entirely based on long term relationships. This means that all of our actions are undertaken in the very best interests of our customers and our partners at all times.

We see ourselves as a strategic partner to our clients and suppliers. We work closely and tirelessly with all stakeholders in the business to maximise the benefits for all concerned.

Additionally, we are a very socially conscious business and work very hard to improve the upward mobility, as well as provide sporting opportunities for youth the world over via our sponsorship and scholarship schemes.


The partners of Smile Group Travel sponsor a number of individuals and events. This sponsorship comes in the form of:

  • Sport's equipment and clothing
  • Financial support towards costs such as flight and travel
  • Cash where appropriate
  • The Independent Schools Netball Tournament in the UK as well as other tournaments throughout the UK
  • Overseas tournaments and training camps in our destinations to help with sporting development and upward mobility.
Scholarship Scheme:

Smile has been running a scholarship scheme bringing talented sports players as students from Barbados to the UK for a number of years. This scheme has helped a number of Bajans develop their sporting capabilities whilst also receiving a first class education and the additional benefits of attending a UK boarding school.