Sri Lanka

Smile In Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka is an island off the southern coast of India and is known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean possessing true natural beauty. Sri Lankan’s are wildly passionate about their sport, with cricket in particular, a natural obsession. We are experts at arranging group tours and in Sri Lanka we:

  • Work with genuine local experts with extensive travel experience who we have known for several years.
  • Source the best value for money options in each category of accommodation, transportation and other relevant services.
  • Organise tours for a variety of sports teams including; cricket, rugby, netball and hockey
  • Supporters packages for all major tours and events on the island
  • Special interest tours such as treks, bird watching or rock climbing holidays.

Our Locations in Sri Lanka:

With Sri Lanka being as diverse and accessible as it is we can offer 1, 2, 3 and even 4 centre tours so that you see as much that the island has to offer as possible. The two cities that we recommend as “must see’s” during your time in Sri Lanka are, Colombo and Kandy. However Galle and Dambulla are both also well worth visiting.