We offer Rugby tours to a number of fantastic long-haul destinations such as; Argentina, Australia (and other Pacific islands), Barbados, Dubai and South Africa. Rugby is played to a high standard in these destinations and groups will have the chance to play in well matched fixtures.

Whilst on tour groups are supported 24/7 by a dedicated Smile tour representative who will also look after any supporters traveling with the team.

We work closely when planning our rugby tours so that they can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each group. We really get to know our groups so that we can help them plan the perfect itinerary. We provide groups with all the information required as it pertains to opponents and playing conditions to allow them to properly prepare for their tour ahead of time. Due to our extensive local knowledge in our destinations we arrange for there to be medical professionals on hand in the unfortunate event of someone getting hurt. Our support structure for athletics groups also includes access to the best physical conditioning, rehabilitation and medical services.

We use only the most appropriate venues in our destinations from major stadiums to picturesque park pitches and offer the chance for schools to take part in local tournaments.

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